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New Release: Helm- October 9th

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

October 9th, 2020- Intro To Music Theory and Big Room Records are proud to present their latest single, Helm. While the electronic vagabond duo Intro To Music Theory is most well known for their Reliably Funky horn playing, this track was born during a time of quarantine where recording horns was not possible. Confined to an oceanside apartment, the pair crafted synths from scratch to recreate their trumpet and trombone sounds with twilight beach parties in mind. The duo is truly an international endeavor - hailing from Los Angeles, formed on the tropical shores of Hainan, China, and touring throughout the world, their background is firmly set across all styles, fusing Classical and Jazz to Funk and Latin within the House genre.

Featuring hypnotic hand percussion, driving kick drums, powerful bass lines and melodic synths, this track will keep any beach or club dance floor grooving. Listen Here

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