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You Produce

A Virtual Music Technology Course

for High School Music Programs

In Association With Intro to Music Theory

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What To Expect

  • Weekly virtual lesson for your class(es)

  • Weekly session for you, the music director

  • Each student will create their own original song

There are a growing number of directors being asked to re-imagine what it means to have a music program during the era of COVID. With You Produce, the health, safety, and growth of our students are our top priorities. Our online, instructor-led music technology course allows students to safely build skills that will directly apply to your program when things go back to normal. You Produce furthers your students' musical journey in a way that prioritizes well-being through personal exploration and creativity. Weekly online instruction is conducted by our expert instructors in a virtual lesson room that is completely auditable by schools, parents, and directors.

More Information

The Instructors

Matthew Busch and Matt Waters are the product of Southern California music programs, and hold Masters degrees in Trumpet and Trombone from the University of Redlands and UC Los Angeles, respectively. Over the last decade, they have taught students of all ages across the globe, and have performed in a multitude of groups and styles throughout the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. From orchestras, latin jazz bands and combos, to drum and bugle corps and DJ booths, their musical lives have been incredibly rich and varied. They have instructed music in California and Nevada from the Elementary to the High School level, and currently hold positions overseas as music professors at the Nanhai Conservatory of Music.


You can read more about their experience here.


The Curriculum

  • Semester-long course

  • Built to California State Standards

  • Works with a fully-online or hybrid school system

  • Focus on critical listening

This 16-week course has been developed with a post-COVID world in mind. Whether analyzing their own favorite songs, learning about functional harmony, recording voice or instruments, or discussing just versus equal intonation, every bit of uProduce's curriculum is built to translate directly to your ensemble-oriented music program as soon as they are possible again. This is a chance to keep your students engaged in a productive and self-actualizing manner as the world and school schedules constantly shift. 

You can review an outline of the curriculum here. 

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Music Room

You Produce is competitively priced as compared to hiring experienced clinicians. Depending on the size of your program and how many classes are covered, pricing is inclusive of clinicians time, the You Produce program, all software for you and your students, recorded lessons for student review, and weekly sessions with you, the music director. Please contact us here for a custom quote. 

  • How do you deliver the lessons? Can you use Zoom/Google Classroom/etc?
    We can use any video chat service your school has designated as appropriate for instruction.
  • Are the lessons recorded?
    They can be, but it fully depends on your school's policy. Our preference is to record the lessons given to your students so they have the ability to review material as the semester progresses.
  • What type of support do I recieve as a music director?
    The support we give you is dependant on your needs. For example, if this is your first time working in a DAW (digital audio workstation), our time may be spent learning the ins and outs of the program. If you are a bit more experienced with music technology, we're happy to use this time to help you with difficult student questions or any other support you may need.
  • Why do I have to contact you for pricing?
    Pricing is highly variable across schools depending on the level of involvement of You Produce and the amount of classes being taught. Our promise to you is that pricing is fair, and comparable with hiring experienced clinicians to work with your students on a weekly basis.
  • What types of ensembles do you work with?
    We work with all types of ensembles, including choir, band, orchestra, introductory courses, and guitar classes. We incorporate recording your students' primary instruments into the curriculum.
  • We're not 1 to 1 on computers at home. What are my options?
    Instead of using Cubase, which requires students to have the ability to install the software, we are also able to use BandLab as a more accessible option. BandLab does not require the installation of any software, and only requires the student has access to a computer and internet connection somewhere.
  • What equipment do my students need to have?
    Your students need access to a computer, internet, some way to record (phones are ok), and earbuds/earphones.
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